Debbie’s Testimonials

“Just a note to thank you for ‘giving me my life back’.”

‘After years of on/off back pain and trying many types of treatment I had resigned myself to having to live with it until such time I was deemed a suitable candidate for surgery.
After a particularly bad spell of pain which had plunged me into depression, I decided to try a chiropractor as a last ditch attempt.

After a few visits to you Debbie, I am able to fully enjoy my passion for horses & riding again. I am virtually pain free and I have got my bounce back again!

No other treatment, or tablets gave me the prolonged relief that chiropractic treatment has.

I tell everyone I teach they should at least get themselves checked out once a year to avoid possible damage that a very physical sport can inflict.

It’s hard to express the gratitude I feel for what you have done but if this note convinces others that ‘you do exactly what you say on the tin’, you’ll be too busy to fit me in in the future.

All the very best’

Jacqui Clayton

“I’ve been recommending you all over Calderdale”

‘…I came to you following six months of such severe pain that sometimes I could not move. Neither painkillers nor othertreatments helped much….. here I am almost back to normal again.

At an NHS appointment recently with a consultant I was told that this level of improvement – 80% better would not be expected within one year, “how did you do it?’ I was asked.

Thank you Debbie you’ve made my life possible again.’

Glyn Hughes

I will never forget what you did for me and all your help and support you gave me.

‘I was a mess when I first came and you saved me. Thank you so much.’

Chantel W